About Our Work

About Our Work

Achieve more from divestment

AnnexTech Partners works with global tech corporations that typically have $1B+ in revenue. We engage after a product portfolio review reveals the products that have not met their internal hurdle rates.

These products are typically cash flow positive, yet they do not meet growth targets, revenue targets or achieve target market share. Clients employ us as an alternative to costly wind-downs or asset sales.

Our “Liberation Process”

Our Liberation Process enables our clients to unwind non-core products from their portfolio, license intellectual property, transition select team members and keep their customers supported.

We empower you to generate economic and social impact by unifying your company’s objectives across Mergers & Acquisitions, Product Portfolio and Corporate Social Responsibility divisions. 

This is divestment in Capitalism 2.0.

Our Divestment Method

Make the most out of your product divestments. We form new joint ventures that become your newest customer and partner, keeping clients supported, adding new revenue streams, innovating on current business models, all while developing a diverse talent pipeline.

“The challenge is adopting a portfolio management process that is not purely one that identifies assets for divestiture through a financial lens but rather identifies them through a strategic fit. [.] If you find that an asset that no longer has strong synergies with the rest of your business, you should target it for divestiture, regardless of whether it is performing well or not.”
Kevin Deeble
CFO Corporate Development, Cisco Systems